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Ashley Jiang

AP Photo Ass. 2 - Ashley Jiang.jpeg
7 - Ashley Jiang.jpeg
10 - Ashley Jiang.jpeg
12 - Ashley Jiang.jpeg
11 - Ashley Jiang (1).jpeg

A collection of colorful street scenes I have encountered in my everyday observation of the world

Art Statement

To me, the ultimate challenge of street photography is being able to isolate and recognize unique light, color, and moments in time that most ordinary people miss as they go about their daily lives.  In some cases, the use of a muted color palette and making the photo black and white prominently expresses the state of the subject. While capturing a snapshot representing an intimate side of the subject, the setting of the photograph could be anywhere. It is through this process of intimate discovery that I identify the subject matter and the abstract qualities I wish to emphasize.

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