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Anqi Zhou
Unknown, Overlapping,
Intersection, Individual


In this work, I try to explore human relationships (especially friendship) at different ages. The first piece is called unknown, which depicts us as a newborn who knows nothing about the world. In the second piece "overlapping" we start to meet people and become close friends, just as us in childhood, who would certainly trust anything about the surroundings. The friendship at that time is very transparent, that's why I put the shape like two overlapping circles. In the third piece "intersection", we have our own space but still have some intersecting interests. In the last piece "individual", we become an independent little dot. The series seems to depict a coming of age. But also it reveals the friendship's shape in my mind.

Art Statement

I'm a painter using acrylic or oil to depict the world with a personal perspective and in the end, let people found themselves soothing or considering things they didn't realize before. I don't dare to say that there is a texture of childishness in my work and they still need to be refined since coming of age is always a topic I personally am interested in and try to argue all over my work. Thus even in the future, I think I will keep on combing more skillful works with my "childishness" to hug the world.

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