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Finn Walker
A Dot-Bot's Thought

A Dot-Bot’s Thought” is a sci-fi short story about a human colony on Jupiter 5000 years in the future that was built off the backs of robots and androids. One robot fry cook, Dot, begins to question in Jupiter’s monotonous techno future. After Dot reconnects with an old friend they find themselves  in the midst of a criminal conspiracy.

Art Statement

As a comic artist my practice is commonly split into two subsections; writing and art. But these two aspects of my work build upon each other-the drawings become a visual language and the writing highlights the visual. My comics are inkbrush illustrated works of genre/comedy fiction that explore topics of existentialism, interpersonal relationships, and grand plots. This is done through the use of dry humor, a cartoonish art style, and absurdist narrative. 

For the writing aspect of my work, I create linear narratives which take place in fantastical or surreal worlds. My stories are a balance between small character moments and large unfolding plots. My most recent work Myrodemus, for example, follows four alien characters, a cyborg with bad fashion taste, a punk rock android, a green woman with an extra mouth on each cheek, and a three eyed burnout with a substance abuse problem. This cast of oddball characters is marooned on a desolate desert planet where they face a myriad of problems ranging from figuring out how to deal with perpetual boredom to coming face to face with an alien god. 

Stylistically my writing takes influence from situational humor of Larry David, the absurdism of Douglas Addams’ writing, and the worldbuilding of Frank Herbert. I use David’s style of humor in my character interactions, as well as some narrative components. My humor is also shaped by Douglas Addams’ dry wit and Frank Herbert’s scope of worldbuilding. 

The artwork of my comics make no attempt to appear realistic. I enjoy drawing cartoon characters with button eyes, onomatopoeia, and any other cartoon tropes I can stick into my work. That is not to say my art doesn’t have weight to it. The minimalistic and geometric style that I use to draw my characters’ faces lends itself to explosive expressions. While I texture some objects I draw, most of my uncolored work has a stark black and white contrast. I create hard black lines with an ink brush pen and use an ink pen only for small details and letters. For coloring I use photoshop. I have a pastel pallet I draw from, doing anything I can to avoid using grey, black, or white. I gravitate towards green and purple but most of my work has a color scheme dictated by the story. Myrodemus I, for example, used a mostly red and brown color scheme as it takes place in a desert. My colors are bright to match the cartoony style but also dulled so my comics are easy on the eyes. 

Currently I’m working on a science fiction dark comedy series with one and half books done and four and a half to go. Additionally my zine anthology Forgettable Garbage is on sale in a few comic stores around Chicago.

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