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Kai Hough

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Astronauta-02 communicates the idea of the generational immigrant and it questions the definition of home and identity, using the genre of dystopian fiction to represent the social and environmental displacement of the immigrant body into a foreign land, that seems familiar, yet alien. 

The chapter, Distòpia Hivern, represents the difficulties of cultural identity and the representation of self and belonging. Making use of the barren city during the winter, the narrative takes place in a city emerging from a melting ice age, taking its first steps into a world of spring, as a pilot from the stars crashes into the frozen lake. Searching for his crewmates, he attempts to adapt to the melting city he currently resides in and records his experiences and understanding of the strange world around him wherein the end he has to face a decision to either stay or leave. 

Art Statement


I'm a British-American photographer, filmmaker, and travel research-based artist! I've received my BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2021) with a merit scholarship, specializing in Photography and Film. My work is rooted in my passion and research in filmmaking and advertisement and combining the relationship between cinematography and photography into an intertwined system that's shown within my body of work that represents the difficulties of love, technology, and the representation of self and belonging.

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