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Kio Zhu
Hundred Stories

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Hundred Stories could be considered an obituary/ cemetery service for your virtual avatars based on encryption and decentralization technology.​

On submission of an obituary of yours, an untameable record would be left in the very corner of the internet.

At the same time, a one-of-a-kind virtual relic will be generated according to the information of your late avatar for your own preservation.​

This is a statement against Big Tech's power and ownership of our virtual selves. Instead of being buried in their inaccessible servers, a trace of existence shall be preserved out there through this project.​

Except for those whose accounts were banned/deleted by the Big Techs, anyone who decided to give up on their virtual avatars permanently, for whatever reason, is also warmly welcomed to submit their obituaries.

Art Statement

朱祺皓 (ZHU Kio)’s  practice often tells stories, mostly real-life stories concerning China's major social and political events, historical and ongoing. The artist is also interested in what kind of role technology, for instance, social media, play in these events and on us, and most recently the ideas of archive, collective memory, mortality/immortality, and East Asian death rituals. At the same time, coming from a design background, the artist is constantly trying out new methods and tools for his artistic expression. His works range from abstract animation, video installation to interactive web platforms, speculative design, etc.

朱祺皓 (ZHU Kio)’s works have been included in Ars Electronica’s online exhibition, reported by Oregon Arts Watch, and exhibited at Chicago local galleries.

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