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Jasmin Mejia

Jasmin Mejia_Azura Comic Audio documentation 1_2021 - Jasmin Mejia.png
Jasmin Mejia_Azura Comic Audio documentation 3_2021 - Jasmin Mejia.png

This piece, originally starting off as an 8-page comic (Azura) I completed in 2019 has been revisited and recreated and now exists as an audio piece that can stand as its own or be an accompaniment to the Azura comic. The idea to revisit and recreate this comic into an audio piece came from a Digital Sound class I took in my last semester at school. My goal for this class was to create a piece told in the amount of time a song is told. Music, music videos, TV shows, movies, and podcasts were my sources of inspiration for this piece. This "music" and "background sounds/music" help create the scenes of the stories we listen to and I wanted to take those elements and have them accompany this story. While creating this piece I asked myself: For a story told through words, how can sound help not only accompany but bring out different elements in the story that aren't read or seen in the 8-page comic? This project, while small, brings me closer to my A Story Through Lyricism idea I have planned for the future.

Art Statement

Hello, my name is Jasmin, my work consists of different forms of storytelling that start off as words that are given a narrative that is then transformed into a variety of mediums while using song lyrics to develop ideas, characters, backstories, and world-building. Songwriters like Zora Cock a Dutch vocalist, write music whose lyrics are not only dark, beautiful, and enchanting but are deeply rooted in research and personal life. I admire how musicians can tell a story with little to no words and with that we’re given a narrative. In the future I hope to create a short film similar to that of a music video and have its same impact; a story through lyricism. I will continue to explore other forms of storytelling because I don’t want my stories to be limited to traditional forms. Stories aren't just meant to be books laying on a shelf waiting to be read. Instead, stories should be interacted with by the readers and exist in a form that's not just limited to text on a page.

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