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Rute Norte

065 - Going Far   - Rute Norte.jpg
45 - Cocktail at Sunset - Rute Norte.jpg
27 - Seara Verde - Rute Norte.jpg
49 - Der Kleine Tod (La Petite Mort) - Rute Norte.jpg
50 - O Limite - Rute Norte.jpg
060 - Self-Portrait (Tribute to Howard Hodgkin) - Rute Norte.jpg
35 - At Treetops Kenya - Rute Norte.jpg
55 - Pulsão  - Rute Norte.jpg
21 - Gruta das Torres, ilha do Pico, Açores - Rute Norte.jpg
11 - Pradaria Marinha - Floresta no Fundo do Mar - Rute Norte.jpg

I usually use acrylic on the first layer, and oil on the following ones. Complement with oil pastel and oil bar. Sometimes I draw in pencil directly on the canvas, before starting to paint; other times I go directly to brush strokes, applying paint - on canvas or paper - with a brush, without any previous sketch. I rarely paint with spatulas. The painting is built with successive layers. 

Art Statement

An artist's work is a kind of diary – said Picasso. It’s episodes that pass. Lives and experiences expressed on canvas, with paints and brushes. My paintings can either refer to an episode that took place on a trip – a memory – or they can talk about food or the cat that appeared on the roof. Or be simple ideas and concepts that have passed at the moment.

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