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"We must, because even in this uncertain time, our values endure.

We are still artists, designers, and scholars.

The ways we picture, interrogate, and shape our shared society will always be fundamental elements of the human experience.

The images we make, environments we build, and ways of being we envision will be essential throughout this health crisis and beyond."

____ Elissa Tenny

President of School of the Art Institute of Chicago

From last year to this year, we faced Covid-19 together. It was a difficult but very impressive experience. Such huge suffering for all mankind has also caused an indelible impact on the art market.

Under such difficult circumstances, Key Elements was born. We created this platform, aspiring to help more young artists be seen. Therefore, Key Elements announced an Open Call with the theme of "Re-Connect" to all artists today, aiming to reconnect with art the contact that was forcibly interrupted in Covid-19.

Interested artists are requested to upload their work and fill out our online form/agreement via Google form. Selected works will be featured in the form of an online exhibition on October 10.



"Reflect x Recreate"


Artists who keep creating

Exhibition Form:

Online Exhibition


2021.09.15 - 2021.10.01



Submitting Method:

Please submit by the following link: Google form


Undertaking Platform:

Key Elements Studio

Key Elements Studio is a non-profit organization composed of talented artists who are trying to help young artists to be known, to explore and discuss critical artistic issues with famous artists, and to generate our own thoughts.


1. Opportunities to interact with artists online and offline

2. Official website, Instagram, WeChat, and other media reports

Submission Checklist:

1. Label your work with your name, the title of your piece, and year of completion: Firstname Lastname_Titleofwork_Yearmade (ex. Bruce Wayne_Infinite Gloves_2021)  (For links, please include the information in the description.)

2. Fill out our online form/agreement below so we know that you’ve submitted and we receive all of the correct information. Do NOT email us a link/file of your work without filling out our form. We will ask you to submit it through the form.

3. Submit your work!
Upload it through our official submission form: Google form


For more information, please email us at

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